Safety inside and outside of the helicopter

Fjord Helikopter fly almost 7000 passengers a year. The safety for our passengers has the highest and first priority.

When doing flights with passengers, it is established procedures to inform our passengers before the flight. Further it is given information concerning safety during the flight.

Safety card is prepared on several languages for this purpose. The content of the safety card shown to the right can vary depending of the type and model of the helicopter in use.

Approaching the helicopter when blades are turning.

  • Always approach the helicopter from the left/right front side
  • Always bend down a bit when approaching the helicopter
  • Always have eye contact with the pilot while approaching the helicopter
  • Always hold you children in their hands
  • Never stay behind the helicopter
  • Never approach the helicopter without clearance from a crew member
  • Never leave loose objects on the ground
  • Never carry high/long objects (like skies) upright

Remember to hold on to hats, caps and similar loose clothing.