Map Survay

Fjord Helikopter has established several landing sites in the Nordfjord area. The maps shows where these are located.

Stryn Heliport Langeset

The heliport is the main base of Helikopter Utleie AS, and it's located  7 km. west from the center of  Stryn close to RV 60/15 in direction Stranda and Måløy.

The area where the heliport is located is marked with sign "Stryn Miljø og Næringspark"

Loen Landing Site Alexeandra

The landing site is dedicated use for guests and visitors at Hotel Alexandra and Hotel Loenfjord in Loen.

Olden Landing Site Solheim

The location 4 km. from Olden in direction Briksdal made the site very suiteable for scenic flights in the Jostedal Glacier area.

Oldevatn Landing Site Sandnes

The site is located 7 km. from Olden in direction Briksdal. The description for the site above also cover the use of the landing site.