Heliports and landing sites

Located in Western Norway, the bases is located in Stryn (Nordfjord), Førde (Sunnfjord) and Kinsarvik (Hardanger).

In addition, Fjord Helikopter has established several landingsites available at the most famous fjords in Western Norway (Geirangerfjord, Nordfjord, Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord) and close to well known tourist destinations as Ålesund, Geiranger, Stryn, Loen, Olden, Jølster, Fjærland, Skjolden, Voss, Eidfjord and Kinsarvik. 

On some landing sites, there is limitation in the opening hours, also for the number of flights performed during a week due to noise restrictions given by the authorities. Further details will be given when you book your flight.