About us

Fjord hellikopter was established in 2001.

We operate modern turbine engine helicopters, with 4 to 7 passenger seats capacity, our company has grown to be one of the largest passenger helicopter companies in inland Norway.

We are based in Stryn in the Western part of Norway. From Stryn we have easy access to some of the most spectacular areas in Norway. With glaciers, mountains, fjords and lakes in our backyard, Stryn is one of the most beautiful places to fly from. This said, we are more than happy to come pick you up somewhere else.

Some of our main commercial areas:

  • Passenger transport and air taxi.
  • Scenic flights.
  • Photo, film 
  • Agricultural work
  • inspections flight  i.e. power line inspections
  • Sling loading operations
  • Reindeer herding